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New Mexico Legislature to Slash Charter School Funding

New Mexico Legislature to Slash Charter School Funding

Bills in both the NM Senate and House have the unattended consequence of reducing Amy Biehl funding by around $500,000.  Many people, including legislators, are under false impressions about charter schools in New Mexico.  As a community member of ABHS, you realize that a charter school like ours is vital in the education of Albuquerque’s youth.

We need your advocacy in this important issue.  Contact your legislators to let them know how you feel about charter school in general and Amy Biehl in particular.  We are including a letter addressed to the governor that you can add your name and address to, then print and send to the governor expressing your concern about the reduction in funding.  Thank you for your support.  If you have any questions or concerns please contact the school directly.

School Letter to the Governor

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