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ABHS Students to Participate in Mock Trial Competition

ABHS Students to Participate in Mock Trial Competition

The ABHS Mock Trial team will be competing in the Qualifying Rounds of the interscholastic tournament, Friday, and Saturday, at the Metro Courthouse on the NW corner of Lomas and Fourth in Albuquerque. This two-day competition determines the eight teams that will advance to the New Mexico State Finals on March 8-9….  Each “round” is the complete two-hour trial, which this year is a civil case. We do rounds Friday morning and afternoon and Saturday morning and afternoon. The morning rounds start at 9:00, the afternoon rounds at 2:00.

This is the culmination of four months of preparation, including many half days outside school hours (mostly Saturdays, but also weekdays during fall break and the holidays). The students have worked very hard and the tension is peaking. We welcome parents and ABHS faculty and staff to come and watch. You will find our kids put on quite a show, and it gives them courage to see faculty and staff in the gallery. They are all very committed to and nervy about “making State.”
ABHS has two teams this year. At the competition, they are identified by code letters only. We are LK and AM.  LK, our Red Team, is Emese Nagy, Katie Pothoff, Jazzy Ofer, Nick Aguirre, Max Wisch, and Gabby Torres. AM, our Black Team, is Joey Sanchez, Mia Jespersen-Chavez, Savvy Smith, Laz Davis, Adrian Chavez, Aya Desouki, and Dylan Carr.
If you would like to come – and realistically I know we’re probably talking for the most part about Saturday – here is how it rolls. First, try and be in the courtroom a good 15 minutes ahead of 9:00 or 2:00. You cannot take phones into the courthouse, and the security people will not hold them for you. Got to leave the phones in your car. Also, if you have so much as a dinky penknife on you, that will be deemed a “weapon,” so heads up on that. But, once you get through security, you’ll find yourself in the big round foyer of the courthouse. More or less in front of your someplace you’ll see a large card on a tripod which lists the pairings for that round. There will be a list of about 12-15 pairings, like so: “LK vs. XY, Room 425.” That’s the two schools and the courtroom number, so find the ABHS team you want to watch and off you go. You can only observe rounds involving one of our teams. You must be [preposterously] secretive about what school you are associated with and who you are there to watch. It’s all about making sure the scoring judges don’t know what schools they’re looking at. The rounds take about two hours each and you are discouraged (big time) from leaving the courtroom once the round starts. Personal request: DO YOUR BEST to keep a poker face on during the round (this is coming to you from a reformed sinner).
The students love to see you at our rounds. Thanks for listening to this pitch.
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