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ABHS is Looking for Network Solutions

ABHS is Looking for Network Solutions

Amy Biehl High School (ABHS) is posting a request for erate eligible solutions to improve our network infrastructure.  Below are the documents for this request.  We are also posting two erate Form 470’s

Our request has detailed requirements and includes a mandatory meeting.  Read all documents carefully if you intend to propose a solution. If you have questions please contact the project manager and technical contact Mark Carrara ( by EMAIL ONLY.

Added 2/13/18

Addendum 2 21318 – Questions

Addendum 3 21318 – Clarification

Added 2/21/2018

Addendum 4 Feb 21, 2018 Update to Attachments B & C

Amy Biehl High School(ABHS) a tuition free, college prep, diverse and lottery driven state charter high school is located in Albuquerque, NM, contact the school for more information.

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