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Interpreter for the Deaf

Interpreter for the Deaf

Job description:

To facilitate the conveyance of information to and from Deaf/Hard of Hearing students, employees and parents including concrete information and the social and emotional content of information.

  • · Operates in a manner commensurate with students’ age, maturity and academic abilities.
  • · Interprets the locations and times designated and makes adjustments to scheduling as requested to meet students’, employees’ and/or parents’ needs.
  • · Refers questions and concerns regarding Deaf/Hard of Hearing students to appropriate program personnel or to school officials.
  • · Assumes position for interpreting to allow clients to see both the speaker and the interpreter.
  • · Provides directions and materials for substitute interpreters.
  • · Uses appropriate signing methodologies to ensure the most comprehensive understanding for the majority of Deaf/Hard of hearing students in the classroom.
  • · Voices for Deaf/Hard of Hearing students, employees and/or parents as appropriate.
  • · Participates in IEP meetings as requested by Deaf/Hard of Hearing program personnel.
  • · Assumes additional responsibilities to support the mission of the district as appropriate

Preferred skills and knowledge:

  • · Effective communication skills, both verbal and written.
  • · Flexibility, organization, decision-making and problem-solving skills.
  • · Interpersonal skills with diverse populations in-person and on the telephone.
  • · Ability to meet deadlines, work on multiple projects and coordinate the work of others.
  • · Knowledge of District policies on immunization, medication, first aid, child abuse/neglect and substance abuse.
  • · Ability to maintain positive relationships with students, parents, community members and other staff members.


  • Bachelor’s degree
  • Valid NM Interpreting License (through NM Regulation and Licensing Department)
  • RID Certification OR
  • EIPA Performance Score of 4.0 or above.

Please submit a cover letter, resume, ABHS employment application, and at least one letter of reference to The ABHS application and instructions to apply can be found at

We are ERB employer

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