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Humanities Inclusion Teacher

Humanities Inclusion Teacher

Are you a professional educator who longs to be treated and respected as a professional? Do you envision working in a school where students are seen for their assets and growth potential, colleagues collaborate in a highly supportive and effective manner, and school administrators trust and empower teachers and students alike? If so, Amy Biehl High School, a highly innovative charter school that prepares all students for college and post-secondary service and life, has an opening for a full time Inclusion Humanities Instructor for the SY 20-21.

We offer a unique work environment with a positive staff culture anchored by five weeks a year without students to plan, collaborate and learn with colleagues. We are looking for an educator that thrives in our collaborative, community-based setting, and believes all students can achieve. We are a fully inclusive school. Specifically, we want someone who can rock at teaching Humanities but also has the capacity to differentiate materials when needed and support the school by carrying a caseload.

A New Mexico Secondary license is required with endorsements in Language Arts and Social Sciences, as well as a Special Education license.

Primary Responsibilities:

  • design relevant, rigorous, and engaging learning lessons for respective classes that align with the mission of preparation for college and career
  • provide inclusive instruction to accommodate for special education students or those with English Language development needs
  • teach 4 core classes each semester and one F or G block
  • design, create, and implement exhibitions in collaboration with appropriate colleagues, minimum of two times a year per grade level
  • lead an Advisory cohort of students through the four-year road to college and community at ABHS by assisting those students in their intellectual and social and emotional development, using the school’s activities provided by school and advisory teams.
  • facilitate the growth of a physically and emotionally safe school culture through activities in core content classrooms and Advisory
  • attending meetings such as content teams, staff meetings, community engagement and other relevant teams and satisfactorily fulfill assigned duties
  • actively participate in regular, scheduled professional development to improve student performance, instructional practice and any whole school needs
  • participate in management of students during time that they are out of class and on campus, such as through assigned weekly and daily duties
  • participate in service learning projects as required
  • carry a Special Education caseload

Please submit a cover letter, resume, ABHS application, and at least one letter of reference to

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