Science is an attempt to better understand the phenomena of the world using math as a tool by which to describe and define the discovered patterns of examined phenomena.

An ABHS Graduate can:

  • problem solve,
  • think critically and creatively,
  • understand the relationship of science to the community and a broadened scope of humanity,
  • present responsibility for self, and
  • explain how one's work can impact oneself and/or others in the community.

An ABHS graduate will have demonstrated an ability to:

  • research any topic using primary and secondary resources,
  • provide evidence of research through proficient use of conventions of citation,
  • critically analyze any topic using the Scientific Method,
  • demonstrate the use of the tools of mathematics/statistics to analyze/interpret results or to make recommendations,
  • descibe outcomes through mathematical relationships, and
  • create and develop visuals, specifically graphs and tables, to facilitate explanations and assertions.

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