Physical Education

“Given sufficient attention and support, young people can have the chance to grow up healthy and whole both in body and in mind. What is at stake are not only the precious individual lives of our young people but our national health and our future as a nation.” - Fred M. Hechinger

At Amy Biehl High School, freshmen are required to take one semester of Fitness. This class is a comprehensive Health and Physical Education class that addresses Wellness, Integrated Skills, Drugs and Medicines, Human Relationships and Sexuality, Motor Skill Development, and Fitness. Students learn that good health is necessary for effective learning. The curriculum not only prepares them to be better students, but it will help them become more productive community members by reinforcing The Amy Biehl High School Habits of Heart and Mind. Students gain an understanding of these habits, while obtaining critical-thinking and problem-solving skills, cooperative and collaborative qualities, self management skills, and communications skills. Upon completion of this course, I believe that our students will be happier, healthier, more confident. PE provides instruction and development of skills in human movement, physical activities, and physical fitness.

Amy Biehl High School also has several after school sports teams including volleyball, basketball and soccer.  For details, contact Maribeth Dvorak at