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ABHS Students Win Big at Regional Science Fair

ABHS Students Win Big at Regional Science Fair

At the Regional Science Fair last week, our students cleaned up! This is a list of all the awards – both category awards, which can result in State Science Fair qualification, and special awards, which usually result in money or recognition of some kind.

Please congratulate your students, and for advisors, make sure this achievement makes it on to their bragging rights in their PLP so that it will be available to them for their resume and to you for letters of recommendation.

We will also recognize these students at the next Indaba.

thanks from the science team!


2019 Regional Science Fair Winners Amy Biehl


Top Category Winners (These students qualified for state with a 1st, 2nd or 3rd)

Senior Animal Sciences First Place $100 and medal Mikayla Ranspot

Senior Behavioral & Social Sciences Third Place $25 and medal- Gabriella Torres/Kaila Trujillo

Senior Earth & Environmental Sciences Third Place $25 and medal Caeleigh Boddy

Senior Mathematical Sciences Second Place $50 and medal Lazarus Davis

Senior Medicine & Health Sciences Third Place $25 and medal Ben Brunt

Senior Physics & Astronomy Honorable Mention Medal- Angel Ruiz/ Lorenzo Triviso


Special Awards

Riho Aihara – ACNM ‐ Construction Leadership Council Transportation Award $50

Riho Aihara – REM Properties Award $250

Meztlitonali Bennett Perez – Titan Development Award $125

Caeleigh Boddy – Stockholm Junior Water Prize Certificate possible advancement to

Ben Brunt – University of New Mexico Health Sciences Center Award $50

Emese Nagy – Home Builders Association of Central NM Award $100

Jasmine Ofer– Titan Development Award $125

Mikayla Ranspot – Austin Hudson LaPore Biochemistry Award $100 and certificate

Mikayla Ranspot – Mauro Montoya Memorial Encouragement Award $25

Angel Ruiz – SIARZA Social Digital Award $50

Lorenzo Triviso — SIARZA Social Digital Award $50

Zev Wilhite — Civil Air Patrol ‐ New Mexico Wing Award $25 and set of books: Astronautics History


State Qualifiers

Brunt Ben

Boddy Caeleigh

Torres Gabriella

Trujillo Kaila

Ranspot Mikayla


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