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ABHS Reenacts Trial of Abolitionist

ABHS Reenacts Trial of Abolitionist

A  decade a  tradition continues this  week at Amy Biehl High School (ABHS). The tenth grade humanities classes reenacted the trial of abolitionist John Brown for his raid on the Harper’s Ferry Armory in 1859.  More than a reenactment, both sides presented their evidence to a jury of ninth grade students.  The jury debated the charges in secret,  returning  the most appropriate verdict based on the evidence. .

Students research the history of the event, formulate questions or answers based on their character.  A judge controls the court with the help of the bailiff.  Students even control the sound system for the trial. Then they practice and practice some more.  ABHS even holds a Saturday session so the students can spend several hours uninterrupted..

Amy Biehl High School(ABHS) a tuition free, college prep, diverse and lottery driven state charter high school is located in Albuquerque, NM, contact the school for more information.

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