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  • ABHS celebrate MLK Day at the Road Runner Food Bank by performing volunteer social work

  • Gloria welocmes prospective students to ABHS's 2016 Open house

  • Crowds of students, teachers and judges look over the projects at the ABHS 2016 Science Fair

  • ABHS Students work on bikes at Esperanza as part of their service day project

  • Speakers for the ABHS building celebration

  • 2016 ABHS Science Fair Winners

  • Student presentation at Civics Exhibitions

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We are located in downtown Albuquerque.

Our address is:

  • 123 4th ST SW
  • Zip code 87102

Phone Numbers:

  • Main 505-299-9409
  • Attendance 505-299-9463
  • Fax 505-299-9493
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